Comparative Analysis of Off-line Signature Recognition

Title: Comparative Analysis of Off-line Signature Recognition
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
Series: Volume 1 Issue 1
Authors: Mr. Kiran Jeedi , Thayyaba Khatoon Mohammed


Biometrics (or biometric authentication) assigns to the confirmation of humans by their biological features. Computer science, biometrics to be specific, is used as an aspect of determination and access control. It is also used to determine individuals in groups that are under examination. Handwriting is one of the most widely used biometric systems for authentication of person as well as document. Online and offline signature is existing in person identification and authentication problems. Offline signature categorizes the signature into two classes: genuine and forged. In this paper, we discuss various features of offline signature recognition and verification process. We review and compare existing techniques, their results and methods of feature extraction.


Offline signature, feature extraction, security, verification, biometric.

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