A Foolproof Authentication Mechanism for Mobile And Pervasive Computing

Title: A Foolproof Authentication Mechanism for Mobile And Pervasive Computing
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
Series: Volume 1 Issue 1
Authors: G.Apparao, N.S.R.K.Prasad


Portable Computing is an innovation that permits transmission of information, voice and video by means of a PC or some other remote empowered gadget without being associated with an altered physical connection. With todays innovation, numerous applications depend on the presence of little gadgets that can trade data and structure correspondence systems. In a huge segment of such applications, the privacy and trustworthiness of the imparted messages are specifically noteworthy. In this work, we propose two novel systems for verifying short scrambled messages that are coordinated to meet the necessities of portable and pervasive applications. By exploiting the way that the message to be confirmed should likewise be scrambled, we propose provably secure validation codes that are more proficient than any message verification code in the writing. The key thought behind the proposed methods is to use the security that the encryption calculation can give to plan more effective validation components, instead of utilizing standalone verification primitives.


Authentication, unconditional security, computational security, universal hash-function families, pervasive computing.

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