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Volume 3 Issue 1

Dear Scholars,

Journal of Innovation in Electronics and Communication Engineering (JIECE) publishes original research in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Technology and its allied disciplines. It is a peer reviewed journal with excellent support by the editorial advisory board, the board that has eminent academicians and researchers from premier institutions. The journal is committed for the quality publication of full length papers illustrating the original research focusing on all defined areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The author’s work and the institution/organization he is associated with is reflected in the articles of this publication. JIECE is an apt medium for technical authors to present research findings, new inventions, technology trends, Ph.D research, industrial research and so on. To this effect, the publisher supports extensive efforts of the author by peer reviewing the work. Utmost care is taken for rigorous peer reviewing of the articles for publication.

We received compliments on completing two years of this publication and now we entered into third year. In this event it is decided to have eminent academician as a guest editor for every issue henceforth. This initiation is for refining the quality of the journal. The guest editors contribute to keep up the quality and to address new challenges. It is a privilege to confirm Prof. M. Madhavi Latha, JNTUH as a guest editor for this volume. She has done commendable work for this volume of the journal.

We received more than two dozen papers and selected only 13 papers after the peer review by subject experts and all the papers are from top-notch institutions like KYOTO University Japan, ISRO, Broadcom industry, IICT,MS University, JNTU and SV University on latest developments in the fields of Electronics and Communica- tion Engineering.

I take this opportunity to thank all the contributors and reviewers for bringing the current issue of the journal to this level of quality. Suggestions and feedback from our readers are welcome for the overall improvement of the journal.

All the Best

Prof. Dr. H. S. Saini
Chief Editor

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