Structured Data Retrieval Using Query Formulation Language

Title: Structured Data Retrieval Using Query Formulation Language
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 2 Issue 2
Authors: Shoma S. Mitkari and M.U. Kharat


Proposed a query formulation language called as (SQFL) for retrieving structured data on the web. With SQFL any user can query one or more data sources. For this user need not be aware of queried data’s structure or the data itself to adhere to a schema. SQFL provides a novel technological tool that satisfies every question involving huge data sets to accelerate your usability and faster results. All queries are automatically translated into and executed as SPARQL queries. To fulfil the vision of creating a universal means for data exchange, huge amount of designed data sets are being formulated and put up in order to set up a web of interconnected composed data. SQFL comprises of two implements i.e. server related query and Editor and secondly a browser related Firefox hook up available for download in their website. SQFL is the outcome of experimentation for setting up such a worldwide web link. Other examples of such combined configured data sets for interlinking purposes over the web are Wikipedia, WorldNet, and Wiki books etc. General people lacking IT knowledge used to suffer quite a lot due to such complex data structures but with the interlinking of data sets published over the web and introduction of SQFL they can also easily derive their needed information from Resource Description Framework (RDF).They enabled SQFL to work on larger data sets from RDF. This was possible by adding up a feature of the Graph-Signature Index optimizing solution.


Interactive queries, Natural language queries, Query-by-form, Query-by-example, Query formulation, Structured data, SQFL editor, System analysis, Visual scripting.

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