Expert System for the Diagnosis of Nephritis

Title: Expert System for the Diagnosis of Nephritis
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 3 Issue 1
Authors: Devashri Raich and P.S. Kulkarni


Various soft computing techniques like Artificial Neural Network, fuzzy logic and various mathematical models like rough set theory can be used for handling large data for diagnosis of particular disease. The increasing demand of these soft computing techniques and their applications for predicting the disease shows better performance in the field of medical decision making. This paper represents the use of artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic in predicting disease i.e. diagnosis. The proposed technique involves training a Multi Layer Perceptron with a BP learning algorithm to recognize a pattern for the diagnosing and prediction of Nephritis. It also uses Fuzzy logic interference system for diagnosis of Nephritis. Rough set theory is used to find the significance of data elements used in diagnosis of disease. In this paper, a brief introduction about soft computing techniques used nowadays for diagnosis of disease is also given. The other part introduces Nephritis and the proposed method for diagnosis of Nephritis.


Artificial Neural Networks, Back propagation, Fuzzy interference system, Medical diagnosis, Nephritis, Perceptron, Rough set theory, Soft computing techniques.

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