A Review of 3-D Imaging Techniques and Products

Title: A Review of 3-D Imaging Techniques and Products
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 3 Issue 2
Authors: Dhanya S Pankaj , Rama Rao Nidamanuri and P. Bhanu Prasad


The availability of 3D cameras and scanners in the market and the advancements in computing has led to the fast adoption of 3D images for various applications. Many fields like industrial manufacturing, construction, defense, medical industries, security, entertainment etc employs 3D imaging applications. The paper discusses the techniques for acquiring 3D image data and presents some of the applications. The different kinds of 3D cameras available in market are suitable for different applications and the paper discusses some of the factors to consider while selecting the camera. A comparison of some of the popular cameras in market based on these factors is also presented.


3D camera, 3D imaging, 3D techniques.

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