Privacy Protected Mobile Health Surveillance System

Title: Privacy Protected Mobile Health Surveillance System
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 5 Issue 1
Authors: K Rajitha, Maddipatla Krishna Priyusha, Kurakula Sravani


Cloud-aided mobile health monitoring systems have been considered ground-breaking approach to improving the existing quality of healthcare services while lowering the healthcare cost. Unfortunately, they pose a grave risk while addressing privacy concerns of clients' which could deter its widespread adoption. Motivated by the privacy issues curbing the adoption of electronic healthcare systems and the wild success of cloud service models, we propose to build privacy into mobile healthcare systems abet by the private cloud. The salient features include efficient key management, privacy-protected data storage and retrieval. Furthermore, the outsourcing decryption technique and proposed key private proxy re-encryption are adapted to shift the computational complexity of involved parties to the cloud without compromising clients' privacy and service providers' intellectual property. Our design of a privacy protected mobile health surveillance system safeguards the confidentiality of the involved parties. Finally, our security and performance analysis demonstrates the effectiveness of our proposed design.


Cloud-aided, privacy protected, mobile healthcare system, confidentiality.

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