TCP SACK Protocol Enhancement in Mobile Adhoc Network

Title: TCP SACK Protocol Enhancement in Mobile Adhoc Network
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 5 Issue 2
Authors: Sk Bhadar, Arun Singh Kaurav, Dr. Basant Tiwari, C Rajeev


Mobile ad hoc Network (MANET) may be a assortment of mobile hosts that communicate with one another with none mounted infrastructure and centralized administration. Congestion in routing is one amongst the key issue in network. In previous numerous researches exhausted the field of congestion management like through totally different queuing system apply however that provides few improvement of mobile ad-hoc network information transmission with congestion system. In wireless spontanepous networks, up transmission control protocol performance mostly depends on congestion window size. during this paper we tend to enhance the transmission control protocol SACK protocol performance consistent with window size estimation suggests that vary the window size consistent with load. New SACK-1 may be a slight modification over TCPSACK. it's able to sight multiple packet losses and so is way a lot of economical that SACK-I within the event of multiple packet losses. thus our approach to boost the performance of Transmission control Protocol (TCP) related to the presence of multi-hop manet is one amongst the analysis challenges in wireless mesh networks. currently this approach we tend to use congestion window variation consistent with timeout amount and increase the performance of the network on the premise of packet delivery ratio.


Congestion, Congestion window, MANET, SACK, SACK-1TCP.

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