Power Proficient Unfailing Path Routing In Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Title: Power Proficient Unfailing Path Routing In Wireless Multi-Hop Networks
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 6 Issue 2
Authors: P. Subramanian


Wireless sensor Network (WSN) is picking up a great deal of consideration in inquire about of late because of their significance in empowering versatile remote hubs to communicate with no foreordained framework. This paper presents Power proficient unfailing Path (PPUP) routing protocol in Wireless Multi-hop Networks. In the PPUP protocol, expanded unfailing is accomplished by the upkeep of an unwavering quality component by the nodes. The estimation of this variable is expanded when nodes take an interest effectively in information transmissions. Amid the way revelation prepares, a moderate sensor just augments the demand message to sensor that have an insignificant unwavering quality element that is indicated by the source. Additional improvements are incorporated into request to build the productivity what's more, execution of the system. The simulation results show that this scheme assure better packet delivery and reduces both the delay and packet loss in the network.


Unfailing, Power, Wireless Sensor Network, Simulation Analysis.

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