Cattle Health Monitoring Through Sensors Using IOT

Title: Cattle Health Monitoring Through Sensors Using IOT
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 7 Issue 1
Authors: K. Lakshmi Viveka, Deepthi Ahuja, A. Sneha Alekhya, N. S. D. Vikas Koduri


Mobile, wireless sensor networks are bringing a new level of monitoring into many industries. This paper describes how wireless technologies can be used to create a platform for animal health monitoring. The sensors communicate wirelessly with each other and continuously connected over the mobile telephone network to provide a real time view of the animal’s behaviour data using standard web services from anywhere on the internet. The sensor measures the parameters like – pH and temperature. Regular measurements like quantity of milk, quality of milk etc. are also measured. These measures are then used to predict various states of the animal like getting disease, getting pregnant etc. A lot of diseases can be prevented.


cattle, sensors, wireless network, GSM, GPRS, Internet of Things (IOT).

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