Multitask Spectral Clustering on Big Data

Title: Multitask Spectral Clustering on Big Data
Publisher: Guru Nanak Publications
ISSN: 2278-0947
Series: Volume 7 Issue 1
Authors: RRS Ravi Kumar, G. Apparao


Spectral clustering has picked up centrality from both the scholastic and the modern point of view over past decades. Contrasted with conventional clustering algorithms, spectral clustering can merge to worldwide ideal and it performs well for the specimen space of self-assertive shape, especially appropriate for non-raised dataset. When all is said in done, the issues of spectral clustering algorithm are: low effectiveness in grouping, long handling time in gigantic information and trouble in getting the normal result. For these issues, a mainstream examine thought is correspondingly framed: combining clustering, parallel computing on Big data, and outlining a proficient multitasking spectral clustering algorithm. To beat the above issues, we explore Multi task Spectral clustering, an emerging Clustering algorithm in the big data era.


Spectral Clustering, Big Data, Multitasking, HDFS

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